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Card Link Marketing


card link marketing

Advertise on the best websites & apps FOR FREE 

and only pay for in-store sales.




Introducing CPR™: Cost Per Revenue

As a business owner it is very important to spend your advertising money wisely, to know that it is getting results and increasing your sales. With the Cost Per Revenue model you are only paying for results.  Consumers have gone digital and your business needs to be advertise online. We are bridging the gap for people searching online for local businesses. Our CPR Network represents 100M+ consumers and 1,500+ websites and apps. We will advertise your business and you will not pay anything for impressions and clicks; you only pay when the sale happens.

How It Works?

Step 1: You Create a Cash Back Offer for Your Customers

You create a cash back offer like 10% off your goods or services. Your new customers enjoys the savings. Studies show that consumers will typically spend more when receiving this type of offer and become repeat customers.


Step 2: We Promote Your Offer for Free!

We will place your ad on our partners network, which include search engines, airlines, banks, etc. We promote your offers on their website and app using our unique technology. This will build your brand thru the impressions that you will get from our marketing and increase your revenue by the consumer visiting your business.


Step 3: Consumers Link Debit & Credit Cards

Consumers will link their debit & credit cards to to YOUR OFFERS.

VISA did a 2 year study and found that consumers of our cash back offer program have a 20% average increase spend. No need for your customers to pull out coupons, their special discount will be seamless.

Step 3 Customers visits your business and buys service.


Step 4 Real-time reporting on in-store sales

Your personal dashboard will track online impressions, customer visits, revenue generated and your pay per sale fee.  Your real-time dashboard looks great on your computer or your mobile phone. Don’t throw your money at advertising hoping it is going to work, when you join our card link marketing program you will track details all the way through to in-store sales.

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